pregnancy workshop & Community event

Mentally Strong + Physical Nourished + Strong Body

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Join us at the beautiful yoga studio, Black Cat Yoga, to connect, grow and explore ways to feel your best during the most beautiful yet challenging times in your life. Learn from Anna Netzel, LCSW women’s health expert and Teresa Romano LDN, integrative dietician who thrive on helping women create a life they love.

Expectant Mother Workshop
15.00 25.00
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mental Readiness for expectant mothers

The need to support emotional and physical wellness during and after pregnancy is great. We have training, tips and tools to help women deal with the emotional and physical needs that come with pregnancy and postpartum to better prepare them for emotionally for the journey into motherhood. Education on perinatal mood disorders vs baby blues and self care recommendations.

You will learn

1. nutrition tips for each trimester and postpartum and nutrition for mental health support

2. emotional wellness tips for each trimester and postpartum

3. education on perinatal mood disorders and risk factors and when to seek support

nutrition for expectant mothers

The time of conception to two years of age is a critical time of development that can determine lifelong health. Nutrition plays a large role in protecting against birth defects and having a health baby. In addition, mom is in critical need of nutrition at this time- and that is not something that is usually talked about. We are normally so focused on baby. Nutrition for mom is important for supporting balanced nutritional stores allowing for appropriate body function, healing and preventing risk associated with birth. The nutritional healing process for mom is important for proper hormone and neurotransmitter balance which can help support a balanced mood postpartum.

Learn the essential nutritional needs and realistic balance diet for healing mom and ensure a healthy baby.

yoga, movement and breathing for expectant mothers

How you move is a mirror to how you feel. Are you slow and unsteady or strong and stable? Learn how to move, breathe and stabilize your body and help improve the mental and physical elements of pregnancy.

Simply Bee & Black Cat Yoga join forces for a local event led by experts

Simply Bee & Black Cat Yoga join forces for a local event led by experts