Private yoga

Simply Bee Private Yoga Room

Simply Bee Private Yoga Room

Simple practices can bring significant changes into your life. We focus on breath, body movement and postures. Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.


Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga provides an opportunity for people to build their practice at their own pace. This can include standing or sitting poses, heart openers, bends, twists and salutations. Alignment and flow are the primary focus combined with breathing techniques. Basic yoga teaches you the foundation for future practice that is based out of the mind + body relationship. 



Breath and Heart Yoga

Experience an open heart and grow into a flow of energy using the breath. Create balance, awareness, and deep relaxation This is for all levels and for people who need grounding work to stay present in their bodies and strength in their minds. There is an emphasis on a rooted posture, open heart, and deep breathing.


Through stillness and focus, meditation techniques are taught in various ways and adapted to the individual needs. Learn how to take this practice into your life and realize the benefits of a calm mind in a chaotic world. 


Release & Restore

R&R is a state of "just be" and no "doing". This means there is minimal movement, or effort. Using long poses and holds, the mind can use the body to release stress and anxiety. This is called deliberate stillness, known to calm the mind and restore balance in the body. Often used to heal emotional or physical pain, R&R yoga is often the yoga of choice for clients seeking relief from psychological and emotional pain.

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Private Yoga Space


Our private room is specialized designed to offer you a place to feel peaceful and calm.  Nestled inside our group practice, our intimate yoga space offers you a variety of options to keep you comfortable. Whether it is a low mood light or ceiling lights, we want you to feel safe and comfortable. Don't like the floor? That's ok, we have plenty of options to sit or kneal on a variety of cushions, poufs, mats and chairs. Need a extra time in the room alone? Ask how you can come early or stay late and use the space for your personal quest into self-care and restoration. 


Stephanie Bersh is the resident Yoga Teacher at Simply Bee.  Stephanie started practicing yoga 14 years ago and fell in love with the practice. Yoga has been transformational in her life, helping her reduce anxiety, create balance, and find acceptance.  She moved from student to teacher 3 years ago to deepen her practice and to share her passion for yoga with others.Stephanie is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance.  Her teaching style focuses on breath-work and connection between mind and body.  In her classes, she strives to create a welcoming, nurturing, and un-intimidating environment where her students feel safe to travel within, connect, and be present in their practice. She is grateful for the life lessons yoga has taught her on and off her mat and is passionate about helping others on their own yoga journey.

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