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To provide a full weekend retreat to private practice clinicians who want to learn how to thrive in their practice through self-care and business training. Clinicians will belong to a community of likeminded people and break free from the isolation of private practice.



Network | Connect | Recognize

Sponsors will gain recognition from private practice therapists, knowing that mental health professionals are the most likely to refer a client to a treatment center.

Sponsors will directly inform participants of their services, directions how to refer, and provide points of contact for future referrals.

Sponsors will receive a master list of participants contact information for future networking purposes.

Sponsors will gain brand recognition across the country through national and local markets in PA, IL, MA, and CA.


Trust | Communication | Associate

Pennsylvania Email Networker, over 1000 members

Chicagoland Email Networker, over 2500 members

Simply Bee & Healing Hearts Wellness Website, Linkedin Instagram, and Facebook Page

Host Site Marketing avenues such as social media and website


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