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Social Media + Healthy Image

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Millions of mothers out there worry about their daughter’s experience on social media. Most mothers tell us how worried they are for their daughters’ to grow up exposed to unhealthy images before they can solidify their own beliefs about who they want to be. It’s hard to grow up confident these days.

That is why we created Mother + Daughter Workshop last year and this is why we are doing it again!

+We will gently guide mothers and daughters into sensitive dialogue such as “what is a healthy body” and how to think about food.

+We will discuss positive and negative sources of influence whether that be sports teams, adults, friends, clubs and more.

+Explore how social media influence can impact a girl’s choice of diet (such as becoming vegetarian or vegan) and their exercise of choice (self-care or self-punishment?).

+Practice gentle yoga to reconnect with your bodies, along with journaling to help us shift negative self talk to positive self talk and affirmations.

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movement for body image

Discover how to playful connect with your body through gentle yoga movements and bond with your daughter through partner yoga.

Workshop Topics we will cover

  • Social media pressures to post perfect pictures

  • Not living in the moment and taking too many pictures

  • Explore what “healthy eating” really means

  • How to handle sports coach’s criticism about the body

  • How to be conscious about your body in a playful way

  • Self love/self compassion for our physical appearance

  • How do we feel good in our bodies

  • Conscious consumerism - social media/magazines

  • Discuss perfectionism and body myths

  • Body neutral statements, learn the different between “I am fat” and “I have fat”

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Discovery for body image

Changing the conversation from negative body talk to self love and exchange heartfelt letters between you and your daughter.

Meet the facilitators


Monica Bullock is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who has worked with adolescents, adults and families for approximately 10 years. Monica’s primary focus has been  helping teens and families navigate through issues surrounding body image, self-worth and relationship with food.


Stephanie Bersh is a registered RYT 200 yoga teacher and an Embody Love Movement (ELM) facilitator.    She leads ELM workshops for tweens, teens, and adult women delivering interactive content in conjunction with yoga to empower women of all ages to reconnect with their bodies and practice self love and self compassion.

Check out our blog from last year’s event

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Community for body image

Connect with other women and young girls just like you who are tired of being told how to think, feel, and dress.

Simply Bee is pleased to partner with Daily Method in Vernon Hills

Simply Bee is pleased to partner with Daily Method in Vernon Hills

Mother + Daughter
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