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Stand In Your Power

  • Heathers Gym 504 1st Street Libertyville IL (map)

A Workshop For Tween Girls; Ages 10-14

Girls that stand together grow together.

Girls that stand together grow together.

Stand In Your Power
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Young girls use their friendships to learn how the world will treat them in the coming years and into adulthood. We want girls to grow into confident women and that is difficult when they experience negativity, rejection, and “mean girl” gossip.

The tween years is a prime time to learn how to cope with negativity in a healthy way but they need the skills to know how. Without skills, most young girls will respond without thinking through their words and choices. This is because their brains are not mature enough to know what to do without a lot of guidance.

This is where we come in!

Members of the workshop will learn how to stand in their power using yoga poses and body movements that emulate strength and courage.

Members will also learn how to emotional connect using fun role play scenarios that increase their empathy and help them gain perspective that goes beyond their own personal interests and needs.

We provide a safe container to explore common dynamics that impact tween girls such as exclusion, comparing themselves on social media, how to handle mean girls, queen bees and friendship cliques.

  • Teach girls how to ground themselves to take a step back from friendship drama.

  • Discussion of what to do (and what not to do) when a friend makes you mad.

  • Play games that teaching girls how to put a voice to their feelings.

  • Participate in a beginners level yoga class to focus on poses that show girls how to stand tall in their own power and partner poses to learn how they can support one another.

AND MOST IMPORTANT... connect  and have fun

About The Teachers

Stephanie Bersh has run several yoga workshops for tweens. In these workshops, the practice of yoga and breathwork has helped participants relax, become empowered, find connection, and share their feelings.  Parents have provided feedback post workshop about how their tweens have used the breathing techniques to help them feel better in a stressful situation, how they have used the yoga poses to help them feel strong in their bodies, and how their tweens have felt more comfortable expressing scary feelings as they have learned other kids have the same feelings.

Beth Dostal, LCSW understands relational aggression and has experienced it first-hand during her 10 plus years working with children as a school social worker.  Known for engaging students and helping them learn in a hands-on, interactive manner, your child is sure to learn several new strategies and have fun and laughs along the way.