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Day 1: Self Awareness

+ mindfulness + values + goals + purpose + confidence 

Self awareness will be a common theme spread across the entire day. To explore this, an improv and acting coach will gently ease participants into an exercise of self evaluation, that allows them tap into themselves in a fun and creative way. Next, a dynamic and compelling speaker Mike Nerheim will share his journey through life making decisions based on his self values and how he recovered from mistakes, titled 'How To Make A Values' Based Decision'. The day will end with participants identifying their self values and how to act accordingly to who they strive to be. 

Day 2: Self Management

+ self control + consciousness + trustworthy + adaptability + initiative + self brand

Self Management is the ability to regulate and control actions and emotions.  We will dive into reasons 'why' we do what we do.  An interactive discussion will be lead by an expert in the field of adolescent mental health.  Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their 'why' and learn self management skills. Day 2's speaker is a brand manager in the field of advertising, he will lead an activity based on the concept of 'Self Branding' and increase participants awareness of their social media image. Followed by an opportunity to personally design and create a logo and slogan, lead by a local north shore art program. 

Day 3: Relationship Management

+ networking + leadership + teamwork + influence + inspiring + connecting +

Relationship management is the ability to interact constructively and have a positive or productive experience. Our facilitators will offer a workshop on developing an elevator speech and the importance of face to face interaction.  Next, participants will experience networking speed rounds with their peers. Although challenging, participants will practice their regulation skills taught from the prior days and work through their hesitation or fears. Today's lunch-n-topic, "The Elevator Pitch", will be run by a well known and highly regarded public figure who understands what it's like to build relationships on a national level and tips on how to manage social anxiety. 

Day 4: Social Awareness

+ service + community + compassion + empathy + awareness +

Social Awareness is an opportunity to use personal strengths and give back to others, in both big and small ways.  On the final day, participants will meet at a local charity a provide service to those less fortunate.  We will conclude our day at the beach in Lake Bluff and encourage the participants to build a lasting community with one another and reflect on their work together. 

The Retreat is intentionally Wednesday-Friday, break on Saturday and return on Sunday. We believe it is important to have a day of practice and then return. Sunday's event will be a fun day of service and self reflection on the beach in Lake Bluff.

Participants must be a senior in high school or currently enrolled in college.

Wed-Fri 10am-2pm Saturday-BREAK Sunday 4-8pm