Stand In Your Power
3:00 PM15:00

Stand In Your Power

Tweens participating in the workshop will learn how to stand in their own power, connect, and have fun during this interactive workshop.  The workshop will be a safe container to explore common dynamics that impact tween girls such as getting excluded, the effect of social media, mean girls, queen bees and friendship cliques.

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Mother + Daughter Body Positivity Yoga
1:00 PM13:00

Mother + Daughter Body Positivity Yoga

Your body is perfectly imperfect. As moms, it starts with us! Spend an hour with your daughter and stop the cycle of body shaming in our community. Come and learn new ways to befriend your body through positive body affirmations and yoga movement. Without realization, we adopt societies 'thin ideal' when in reality the average women size is a 16. Young females begin to diet and become body conscious as young as 7 years old.  This can change, we can change...let's start now! 

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to Jan 27


Be Who You Are and Share It With The World

It’s a great experience where you can meet new people and connections you wouldn’t normally. It is a way to make friends in a whole new way. You are able to step outside of your comfort zone but be ok with it because everyone is doing the same thing.- Anonymous
"With Overwhelming Request, #reclaim Is Back!" 

Saturday Reclaim You

Students Ages 15-19

10am-4pm at Gorton Center

Participants are invited to jump into a full day experiential workshop, guaranteed to offer a fresh perspective on personal growth. In this time, we are increasingly focused on goals and perfection. We will use key concepts such as emotional intelligence to build a greater sense of motivation that is sustainable and meaningful to each participants' individual values. Thought provoking and educational, the workshop material will be designed from nationally recognized books such as, Grit The Power of Passion and Perseverance, Primal Leadership How To Unleash The Power of Emotional Intelligence, and Switch: How To Make Change When Change Is Hard. Participants will walk away with a whole new perspective on their decision-making process and how to be more confident! 

*Parent & Participant Friday Night Kick-off Dinner

Kick off starts at 6pm at Gorton Center

Join us and learn what we're all about...emotional intelligence! Parents and participants are welcome to attend a casual Friday evening kick-off dinner. Come and learn key concepts of emotional intelligence and how we combine it with other big ideas. Keynote speaker, Audrey Grunst LCSW, is a local therapist with a background in business and leadership. She will share her experience and insights into key factors to increase self-awareness and social responsibility in the emerging adult population. *Friday night dinner is optional however highly recommended that participants and at least one parent attend.  Check registration for dinner ticket price.

I was nervous about attending at first but Reclaim was a lot of fun and I got to meet lots of new people. I learned a lot about emotional management, confidence, and leadership skills.-Anonymous







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Therapeutic Approach To Body Image Issues
11:30 AM11:30

Therapeutic Approach To Body Image Issues

It's often said that 'body image is the last step of recovery' for those diagnosed with eating disorders. Owner and therapist, Audrey Grunst, shares her experience as a therapist who's worked with eating disordered clients at all stages of their recovery. She shares compelling research which shows that learning can occur at all stages and body image shouldn't be postponed until the end of treatment. 

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 Stories of Stress
7:00 PM19:00

Stories of Stress


MONDAY, OCT. 16, 2017
7-8:30 PM

*Free Public Admission*




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10:00 AM10:00

A Holistic Approach to Treatment: Eating Disorders and Self-Injury



Simply Bee Presents At Amita

Program Agenda

Introduction and opening statements
Delia Aldridge, MD, CEDS

Effective Treatment for the 1/3 Of Patients Who Live With A Chronic Eating  
Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS

Eating Disorders: Nutritional Care and Management
Melissa Pociask MSNW, RD, LDN

Understanding the Complexities of Treating Eating Disorders in Athletes
Jacey Keeney, MS

Eating Disorder Panel - Melissa Pociak, Audrey Grunst, Jacey Keeney

Beyond Motivational Interviewing: Using 'Therapeutic Strategy to Increase Clients' Motivation
Audrey Grunst, LCSW

A Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Treatment Approach
Kay Segal, PsyD, DBT

Treating the Complex Patient
Denise Styer, PsyD

Self-Injury Panel - Audrey Grunst, LCSW, Kay Segal, PsyD, Denise Styer, PsyD

There is a $65 - includes Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon refreshments. 

This workshop will include presentations from different professionals who have extensive expertise working with patients dealing with self-injury and or eating disorder behaviors. Panel discussions will also follow the morning and afternoon presentations in order to engage the audience and to better enhance the learning of key objectives
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to Jul 23


Day 1: Self Awareness

+ mindfulness + values + goals + purpose + confidence 

Self awareness will be a common theme spread across the entire day. To explore this, an improv and acting coach will gently ease participants into an exercise of self evaluation, that allows them tap into themselves in a fun and creative way. Next, a dynamic and compelling speaker Mike Nerheim will share his journey through life making decisions based on his self values and how he recovered from mistakes, titled 'How To Make A Values' Based Decision'. The day will end with participants identifying their self values and how to act accordingly to who they strive to be. 

Day 2: Self Management

+ self control + consciousness + trustworthy + adaptability + initiative + self brand

Self Management is the ability to regulate and control actions and emotions.  We will dive into reasons 'why' we do what we do.  An interactive discussion will be lead by an expert in the field of adolescent mental health.  Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their 'why' and learn self management skills. Day 2's speaker is a brand manager in the field of advertising, he will lead an activity based on the concept of 'Self Branding' and increase participants awareness of their social media image. Followed by an opportunity to personally design and create a logo and slogan, lead by a local north shore art program. 

Day 3: Relationship Management

+ networking + leadership + teamwork + influence + inspiring + connecting +

Relationship management is the ability to interact constructively and have a positive or productive experience. Our facilitators will offer a workshop on developing an elevator speech and the importance of face to face interaction.  Next, participants will experience networking speed rounds with their peers. Although challenging, participants will practice their regulation skills taught from the prior days and work through their hesitation or fears. Today's lunch-n-topic, "The Elevator Pitch", will be run by a well known and highly regarded public figure who understands what it's like to build relationships on a national level and tips on how to manage social anxiety. 

Day 4: Social Awareness

+ service + community + compassion + empathy + awareness +

Social Awareness is an opportunity to use personal strengths and give back to others, in both big and small ways.  On the final day, participants will meet at a local charity a provide service to those less fortunate.  We will conclude our day at the beach in Lake Bluff and encourage the participants to build a lasting community with one another and reflect on their work together. 

The Retreat is intentionally Wednesday-Friday, break on Saturday and return on Sunday. We believe it is important to have a day of practice and then return. Sunday's event will be a fun day of service and self reflection on the beach in Lake Bluff.

Participants must be a senior in high school or currently enrolled in college.

Wed-Fri 10am-2pm Saturday-BREAK Sunday 4-8pm

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