Eating Disorder nutrition counseling

Often times, a nutritionist is the last person someone wants to see who is battling an eating disorder. We know that because we specialize in the treatment and management of eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, ARFID, and other specified eating disorders.

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A meal plan is a prescribed plan for those who need clear instruction and support when choosing the correct foods. This is a short term plan that is used in the beginning of recovery but over time the person is transitioned off and moved towards an intuitive eating plan.

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Education is the #1 priority when recovering from an eating disorder because knowledge is power. Understanding the impact of each food group and how it impacts the brain and gut is important for those who are struggling with an eating disorder because this builds trust in the relationship between dietitian and client.

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Food is mood. Food is also a complicated but necessary part of our lives. You have have an eating disorder you also have a relationship with food that is intertwined with self esteem and more. A dietitian must understand the complexity of this relationship in order to help the client because it’s not as simple as “just eat” or “just stop eating.”