6 Tips for Your Summer Internship + Having a Life


6 Tips for Your Summer Internship

+ Don’t procrastinate your work

+ Pay attention to details in your work

+ Plan what your workload is and when it is due

+ Take breaks in order to avoid getting overwhelmed

+ Don’t be afraid to ask questions

+ Have fun with what you are doing

This summer I had to opportunity to work with AG and Lead for my internships this summer. Most people would believe that having two internships would take over your summer, but in reality it was the best experience that I could have had over my summer. As well as having these internships I had two other job but that did not stop me from having a fun summer with friends and family.

I was still able to travel and go and see my friends at school because when it came to my work I made sure it was done before it was due and to the best of my ability. In order to have everything done on time and done to the best of my ability

I had to make sure that I was using my time wisely.

 Instead of sitting and watching netflix in my room I would have it on for background noise while I did my work. This allowed me to have the time to go out and spend time with my friends and family when I wanted to.

I used my summer to its full advantage because not only was I working and having fun I was also learning. I got to experience a little bit of what I want to do for the rest of my life and getting exposed to that this summer is exactly what I needed in order to know that I choose the best path for me.


Thank you!

Morgan Dunleavy, Tiffin University, Class of 2018

Summer internships don’t always mean you don’t get to have a fun summer you just have to be prepared to work in order to have the time to do all the fun things you want.




Audrey Grunst