emotional wellness services


+Soft skills have a high importance in skill development

+Soft skills and communication skills are required in everyone’s life



·      Team building

·      Social and emotional awareness

·      Personal development

·      Professional growth



·      Businesses

·      Corporations

·      Schools

·      Nonprofits

·      Small or Large Groups


Our dynamic programs will get your team engaged and strong. Think of us as a team therapist, cheerleader, insight generator and water cooler raconteur. 


Have an idea? We can find the experts and create a dynamic and compelling experience.

  • What You Can Expect

  • Foster growth

  • Increase communication skills

  • Build relationships

  • Increase motivation and drive

  • Accept change

  • Increased accountability and responsibility

  • Ability to organize, plan and execute goals

  • Emotional intelligence training

  • Social awareness

  • Self Awareness

  • Social Responsibility

  • Self Regulation 

  • Critical Thinking


Free consultation. Price varies depending on the scope of the event, size of participants, and resources that will be necessary to ensure a successful event. 

Level 1

  • Speaking Engagement

  • 1 Hour Event Facilitation

  • 2 Hour Consultation Prep

Level 2

  • Combination of speaking engagement and 1 interactive activity

  • 2 Hour Event Facilitation  

Level 3

  • Speaking engagement, 1-2 integrative activities, small group discussion, video, and reading material

  • 3+ Hour Event Facilitation

  • Limitless brainstorming sessions

  • In Person Run Through Prep Session

Program Development

+find the vision +identify goals + strategy + milieu management +ice breakers +program schedule

Our passion is program development and we want to help others take their idea and make it a sustainable program. Audrey is an expert in developing many programs, anywhere from 50 hours a week to programs that run on a quarterly basis. She uses her creative nature, critical thinking skills, and experience to bring a program idea alive.