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June 12-14, 2018 

10:00-2:00 @ Gorton Center in Lake Forest IL; $50 

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June 2, 2018


All professionals need a day of self care. Business owners, especially need a day of self care! What could make it even BETTER? Mixing in strategic and creative business training that can help you elevate your business to match your passion. Experience a day of quiet reflection and clear goal setting that is guaranteed to bring a whole new level of clarity to your business vision. 





May 17 2018

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Lake Forest School District 67 invited Simply Bee owner, Audrey Grunst, to share her first hand experience working with Teens & Tweens who face the unique pressures of living in a high performance community. 

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April 21 2018

Workshop: Body Talk for Mothers & Daughters workshop

Dive into the difficult conversation and come out relieved. As a mother, you often worry about your daughter growing up in a society driven by unrealistic measures and fake images.  Join us in one of the most important conversations you will ever have with your daughter. We provide a dynamic workshop which includes gentle yoga and meaningful discussion. You and your daughter will bond in partner stretching, supportive poses, and cooperative movements. Then you and your daughter will breakout into different groups. Tweens will meet with Kristen Webb, RD and Caitlin Kelly, Registered Yoga Therapist and PE Teacher. Discussion will focus on today's pressures as a tween to have the 'perfect body' and learn strategies to cope. Mothers will join Audrey Grunst, LCSW and Eating Disorder Expert and Parent Coach, to discuss strategies on how to communicate with Tweens about food, exercise, and body weight. Check out our blog.

April 6, 2018 

simply bee invited to Purdue University Northwest Volleyball

Improving Game IQ Workshop

Simply Bee facilitated a daylong workshop to focus on both individual skills and group cooperation to improve the volleyball players' game IQ. We started the day off by setting intentions using mindfulness, a skill necessary for elite athletes. Next we used an ice breaker that immediately increases group cohesion and "buy in" for the remaining day. Instantly the girls were engaged! Next we had a mixture of discussion and journaling which promotes self-awareness in the athletes. Self awareness and self regulation keeps an athlete level headed and calm when they gets hard. Our last activity included communication strategies that enhance teamwork and support to one another, based in evidence-based techniques to regulate the hin-brain and fore-brain. 



March 16, 2018

Professionals training: Emotional & Strategic Decision Making 

Lake County Counselor’s Association Private Event

Lake Forest College, Lake Forest IL

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Teaching lake county school counselors how to approach difficult decisions along side their students and clients. A lively discussion and training will including topics such as emotional and strategic decision-making process for college selection and how you/we can help students with the stress, anxiety, pressures, etc. that come along with that.

March 3, 2018

Conference at Glenbrook School District

Confident Decisions in College Selection


Simply Bee shares tips and tricks with hundreds of students and parents during the second annual College Colloquium, hosted at Glenbrook South High School. 




February 9, 2018

FREE LIVE Interview and Webinar

Empower Your Daughters. Body Talk and Building Confidence


LIVE Webinar with Q & A with therapist Audrey Grunst, LCSW

Last 15 minutes will be for questions

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Once you sign up you will receive the link for our live call. You will learn tools to help you talk to your daughter about body image and how to build her confidence.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for a timely and relevant topic:
How You Can Help Your Daughter with Body Image and Building Confidence.

Audrey will be sharing 10 practices for body positivity, the pressures to be perfect, fit in, and how to have these important discussions and also what to do and where to go for help.


February 2, 2018

Experiential Workshop on Decision Making Strategies

This brief seminar gives adults quick tips to help adolescents and young adults with decision-making strategies when anxiety interferes. For more information, please email 

Location: Fusion Academy, Lake Forest, IL

Content Used: Warren Buffet Video & Switch 

January 19, 2018

Professional Training for Therapists about Body Image Treatment

Simply Bee's owner, Audrey Grunst, presents at Robin Ross' ED Network event in Northbrook, IL.  Objectives include a) apply neurobiology concepts and how it applies to body image b) develop strategies to help clients improve their body image c) assess clients’ ability and willingness to improve body image. For more information, please email

Location: Northbrook, IL 

Content Used: Please feel free to contact me for sources and resources.


October 27, 2017


Simply Bee Presents At Amita Health Behavioral Medicine Institute

Simply Bee will partner with Chicagoland's best practitioners to train the medical field on the importance of treating eating disorders and self injury with a sense of urgency and compassion, click here for more information.

october 18, 2017

Workshop: Anxiety Management In the Classroom


Simply bee walks new teachers through a series of practical skills to ensure they are ready for their first year of teaching. We all know that teachers are the first line of defense for students who may need additional services. Our goal is to make GBN new teachers comfortable with common anxiety symptoms that may arise in the classroom. Even more importantly, we provide teachers with basic assessment skills to spot the earliest signs of school avoidance due to academic or social anxiety. 

October 16, 2017

Simply bee will moderator Northbrook Youth Commission's first ever student lead panel. Students stand up and speak out about their experience with stress and will help spread awareness on this important topic. 



Audrey attended a powerful retreat, focused on body positivity and female empowerment. Check out her story here


August 18, 2017

Self-Injury Treatment Provider Networking Breakfast: Anxiety Treatment and Self-Injury 

Beyond Motivational Interviewing: Using ‘Therapeutic Strategy’ to Increase Clients’ Motivation



The Therapeutic Strategy is a two-part model for clinicians to use when assessing and treatment planning for ambivalent clients. For clients who struggle with self-injury, contemplation is the most important conversation. There are times when clinicians need to go beyond motivational interviewing techniques and provide qualitative measures to understand the clients’ capacity for change. The therapeutic strategy allows clinicians and clients to feel power and control in their fight self-injury behaviors while maintaining a therapeutic connection. The model uses strategy to build common language, introspection and ultimately motivation for healthy change.

July 19-21 &23

SIMPLY BEE partners with lead in lake forest, il 

Reclaim will provide young adults an opportunity to practice their emotional intelligence skills and build up their leadership skills. Learn to lead your life in a positive direction during this four-day retreat aimed to promote an improved sense of self in a community of other like--minded individuals who want build the skills necessary to thrive in today's world. Eligible participants are those going into senior year of high school and/or currently enrolled in college

April 18, 2017

simply bee presents on Building Resiliency in Teens 


 Sponsored by the GBN Student Assistance Program (SAP) team in partnership with ag behavioral health and consulting

"SAP team members will kick off the workshop with information on GBN professional development and will introduce our guest speaker, Audrey Grunst, LCSW, Behavioral Health and Consulting, Licensed Therapist.  Those who feel most resilient are in control, powerful, valued and connected.  Audrey will show parents how to model these four key elements and foster resiliency in the home.  Audrey will walk parents through an activity which uses the value-based decision-making model and how to embrace your child’s process of growth, not just the product of success."

March 4, 2017

Simply Bee presents at

glenbrook district 225 college colloquium

The college selection process can become stressful and overwhelming.  Come learn of various coping strategies to manage the emotional roller coaster that can present itself.  Learn how to stay relaxed and confident throughout the process and understand the emotional aspect families may feel.

December 1, 2016